Skin Checks

We provide comprehensive skin cancer service which includes complete skin checks, screening, monitoring and treatment of any spots or moles requiring further attention.
A standard and detailed skin check takes approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on the number and complexity of spots requiring assessment for each patient.

Time, patience and understanding are required during any thorough, complete skin check. Our detailed skin check will provide you with a peace of mind and reassurance that you will leave the clinic with the “all clear” knowing that no suspicious lesions are left undetected
It is important and very helpful that you highlight any new or changing spots of concern on any part of your body, which will be expertly assessed along with all of your other spots on your face, scalp, neck, torso front and back, arms and legs.

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For the skin examination you will be asked to undress, with removal of all clothing except for underwear (bra left on for females). A cover gown/sheet is available if required.
Please kindly remember to remove all make up, nail polish and fake tans prior to your skin check so that no lesions can be hidden and that there is a clear view of all areas requiring assessment

Your skin is checked from “top to toe’ using a hand held dermatoscopic magnifying device to aid in assessing your moles, with any spots requiring monitoring or removal photographed under high magnification by high end equipment. These images can be stored on your electronic file for future reference.

Photographic dermoscopy is the gold standard of skin cancer care, where suspicious or changing moles or skin lesions can be imaged, stored and retrieved when future comparison is required. This has been found through research to aid early detection and elimination of skin cancer.


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